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Technical Service:
MTL has established collaborative agreements with experienced technical partners to offer a wide range of technical and engineering services to the oil industry.

We have the capacity to undertake the following Engineering Services in partnership with Veritas MPS USA , Vidisco, TWI/Techcorr UK & USA, FTI, PPT S.A and several other technical partners.

Our technical services includes:

- Engineering design (Front End Engineering Design)

- Advanced Non-Destructive Testing in:

  • Tube Inspection using IRIS/MFL.
  • Long Range Ultrasonic Test(LRUT).
  • Tank Inspection using Robotic Technology (In-Service) and MFL.
  • Non-piggable pipeline - from 1.5D, 3D pipeline and above.
  • Pulsed Eddy Current.
  • Remaining Life Assessment (RLA).
  • Handling/Treatment of Wet Gas.

- Quality Assurance/ Quality Control and Project Management

- Facility maintenance and upgrade

- Leak detection


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