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“I am passionate in my search for higher standards and new, exciting ideas, discoveries and solutions to the challenges that we face”
Chief G. Aret Adams

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Multinational Technologies Ltd considers health, safety and environmental aspects of its operations to be of paramount importance. All its operations shall be planned and executed in such a manner to prevent accidents and injuries and to maintain the health and safety of employees.

Furthermore, the company wishes to protect all persons with whom employees may associate with during work activities. It is therefore the intention of the company to observe and comply with all statutory provisions, requirements of clients and to take any additional measure which it deems fit in the pursuance of safety.

The company will plan and execute its operations in such a manner to minimize impact on the environment and adhere to sound environmental principles. Multinational Technologies Ltd is committed to maintaining the ecosystems in the environment where it operates. We do this because we believe it is right and good business practice.


Local Content Policy Statement

MTL is in full support of government's initiative to execute all contracts locally:

  • Training \ development of local personnel.
  • Employment of qualified professionals.
  • Use of local contractors and suppliers.


Quality Assurance\Quality Control (QA\QC) Policy Statement

  • Uncompromised quality and consistency.
  • Continuous quality improvement.
  • Continue to build and develop processes to provide quality services.
  • Design products are safe, technically superior, highly reliable, easy to operate and maintain.
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