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“I am passionate in my search for higher standards and new, exciting ideas, discoveries and solutions to the challenges that we face”
Chief G. Aret Adams

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On average since 1996, MTL's field staff have numbered over a hundred and fifty expatriate and Nigerian experts each year manning engineering, geological/geophysical, information technology and other professional positions on contract assignments with major operators in the Nigerian Oil & Gas industry.

We are acutely aware that our growth in the future lies in keeping up with the challenges that come with the imperatives of liberalization, globalization and technological innovations and change. At MTL we are constantly reviewing opportunities to establish useful links with individual experts, companies and organizations with whom we can collaborate to bring better services to our clients. This forward-looking policy informed our decision to structure a joint operating agreement for collaborating with Pipeline Performance Technologies Pty (PPT) of South Africa to provide integrated pipeline performance and integrity management services to the industry. Other such collaborative efforts had led to the formation of other high-technology based companies in Nigeria. MTL also has partnership with other companies such as Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions USA, FTI, TWI/Techorr US & UK, Veritas MPS USA, Precision Engineering And Procurement Company(Pepco).

This focus has consistently resulted in total satisfaction for our clients in terms of greatly enhanced delivery and cost effectiveness of our services.

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